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We want to make sure that every family receives the same high level of from all of our Angels, so we’ve created these guidelines to help ensure consistency across our service.

Before the first Childcare session

When you agree your childcare session:

  • Whether it be an afternoon of childcare, babysitting or tutoring, call the family to confirm the details for the booking.  This is your opportunity to discuss things like:
    • special requirements including medical conditions
    • favourite activities
    • routines
    • light housework requirements (if relevant)
    • parking etc.
  • Encourage the family to complete the Childcare Information Sheet so all the details about routines etc. are ready for you when you arrive.  As a minimum, they will need to complete the Medical Information section if you are expected to provide medical treatment.
  • The goal of this call is to give families confidence that you will arrive at the right time and do a great job with their children.

24 hours before arrival:

  • Call the family to re-confirm the details.
  • The purpose of the call is to provide reassurance that you will be there when the family needs you.

Your safety:

  • Check the location of the booking and ensure you are able to get there on time, and that there is a safe transport option for you to get home.
  • Print out a copy of the Mynder Information Sheet in case the family has not prepared it for you.
  • Have Photo ID available.  Families are entitled to ask you to show this at the start of the booking and you should feel free to ask them to share their ID as well.
  • Have a charged mobile phone with you – you may need to communicate with the family or contact emergency services during the booking and many homes do not have landlines.
  • Make sure a friend or relative knows where you will be and when you are due home.

On the day

Upon arrival

  • Arrive 5 minutes before the scheduled start time.
  • Offer to take off your shoes, and wash your hands for a minumum of 20 seconds.
  • Evaluate the booking location and make sure you feel safe.  Your safety is just as important as the children’s.  If you have any concerns discuss them with the family.
  • Establish a rapport with the children before the parents leave the location.  Nothing will help parents feel more relaxed about leaving their children than seeing them interact with you in a positive way before they leave.
  • Ask for emergency contact information and find out where the first aid kit, fire extinguisher and torch/candles are kept.
  • Discuss the children’s routine and favourite toys and activities with the family.  Be very clear on what is expected of you during the booking.
  • Ask about allergies and medical requirements.  If you are required to provide medical treatments, ask the family to write them down on the Childcare Checklist to ensure you have all the correct dosages and timing.  Please note: you should not provide medical treatment unless it is written down by the family to protect yourself against errors.
  • Discuss light housework requirements with the family (if applicable).  Again be very clear on what is required, and remind the family that caring for the children is your number one concern.  Light housework should only be completed if the children do not require your attention.
  • Encourage the family to complete a Childcare Angels Information Form for future bookings if they have not already done so as this contains much of the information you need.
  • Assure the family that their children will be safe and happy with you.

During the Childcare session

  • Ensure the home (or other location) is in the same state as you found it on arrival.  Ensure toys are put away, wash up items used (or put them in the dishwasher) and leave no evidence of your presence.
  • If the family seems nervous about leaving their children with a childcarer, send a text update during the booking to let them know things are going well.

At the end of the booking

  • Report back to the family about what happened while they were away.  Emphasise the positives as parents always love hearing nice things about their children.
  • Encourage the family to provide feedback as this will help you improve for next time.

Handing over to someone other than the family/safe word:

On occasion a different person may return to the children at the end of the childcare session than the person you met on arrival.  To ensure you only hand over children to appropriate people, you should:

  • Find out the name of the person you will hand over to at the end of the booking
  • Agree on a Safe Word with the family—a word that only authorised people will know
  • When the new person arrives at the end of the booking, ask them to tell you their name and the Safe Word
  • Do not hand over children to anyone who does not know the Safe Word—call the family for instruction if someone else tries to collect them.