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Discover an amazing online tool to help parents and aupairs support children with their maths.

By May 20, 2020May 22nd, 2020Aupair, Childcare, Education, Parents

Let’s face it; if you are a parent, au pair or local childcarer, you may have realised that you don’t have the skills to support your primary school child to excel in maths.


We have found a FREE and practical maths resource online designed to help children who need extra maths support.

For some of us, homeschooling has been a challenge, with the first week spent getting our heads around the new on-line system and establishing a lesson routine.  Some of us might be helping our child to read, understand and follow instructions simply.  Often the challenging part is helping your child do the actual work, especially maths, because a teacher usually demonstrates it in a classroom.

For anyone who is rusty at maths or who is finding gaps in their child’s mathematical ability, then we have back up!

The Math’s Factor, created by Carol Vorderman, who teaches maths, online, to children aged 4-12 years of age and each topic is in line with the UK’s national curriculum.  Each stage offers times-table checks, warm-up exercises, with Carol whiteboarding each maths problem before they tackle the task themselves.  Then there are fun sums for your kids to do online to reinforce what they have learned as well as games and rewards to show their ability and achievement.

If some of you ‘ homeschoolers’ haven’t tackled maths for years or if your child needs extra teaching assistance with maths, then why not let Carol teach you and your child Maths during this difficult period?

Carol has made her service free during this time of COVID-19 (normally £2 per week) which is a generous added bonus to this helpful educational resource for parents, children, au pairs and childcarers everywhere.

Carol Vorderman gives some maths advice during a tutorial
Carol Vorderman gives some maths advice during a tutorial